You want to build a resilient and respected company. We help you get there.

To build a resilient and respected company you need a proven system.

That’s Ventrek. The Ventrek model was developed after thousands of hours working with entrepreneurial teams and uncovering what separates the good companies from the great companies. We’ve uncovered three key factors to success.

Vision. This is your core. This is all about who you are as a company and who you serve. Great companies clearly articulate their core and ensure everyone in the organization lives and breaths it.
Strategy is all about crafting a roadmap to the future that leads to your vision. Great companies are able to clearly articulate and track their plans toward building a resilient and respected company.
Vision without execution is hallucination. The Ventrek System ensures Execution elements are clearly understood and implemented at all levels of the organization that really give you traction toward your vision and strategy.
With Ventrek, everything is perfectly aligned and everyone in the company knows precisely how they are contributing to the strategy and vision.
Once you’ve clarified and shared your vision, crafted and implemented powerful strategies and are executing at all levels of the company, you are on the road to building a resilient and respected company.
There is always room at the top.
Daniel Webster
The Ventrek Journey is all about building strong Vision, Strategy and Execution Factors. Under each of these, we work closely with your leadership team in mastering the key elements that make up each factor.
Vision, consists of eight core elements focusing on who you are as an organization and who you serve. This is your core. We work with your leadership team getting to the heart and soul of your organization – really uncovering what you are all about as an organization. This gives you amazing clarity going forward and we have tools to ensure your vision is shared by everyone in the organization.
Building your strategy is all about alignment and direction. We analyze key internal and external considerations, craft powerful strategies with these considerations in mind, implement the strategy at all levels of the organization to ensure perfect alignment and finally monitor the strategies on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis to ensure maximum traction.
The Execution factor builds your organizational strength in five key areas. We help determine the right design for your organization (structure, roles and responsibilities). We work with you to build a strong team and leadership. We help you ensure everyone is marching to the same drummer doing the right things. We help you maximize resources. Finally, we help you build powerful information systems so you know precisely how well your organization is operating.

Ready to begin your journey toward building a resilient and respected company?

It all begins with a Discovery Meeting to ensure Ventrek is a fit for you and your organization. We will conduct a Strategic Diagnostic to give you perfect clarity on how strong your Vision, Strategy and Execution is at your company. We will also discuss how the process works and what you can expect. Everything you need to make a decision.


If you choose to proceed, we work to ensure you have the right program for your organization. We offer three main program options depending on your specific needs. They range from full-blown Ventrek implementation with maximum support during the journey to strictly building and tracking a powerful strategy.

Depending on the program you choose, each client experiences a slightly different path on their Ventrek Journey. Although different paths, each session is designed to offer you concrete results and gives you everything you need to hit the ground running after each session.

That’s how we do it. That’s how you build a resilient and respected organization.

The important thing is this: to be ready at any moment to sacrifice what you are for what you could become.
Charles Dubois
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