We Help Entrepreneurs Build Resilient & Respected Companies

To build a resilient and respected organization, you need a proven model.

That’s Ventrek. The Ventrek model was developed after thousands of hours working with entrepreneurial teams and uncovering what separates the good companies from the great companies. We’ve uncovered three key factors to success.

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Vision. This is your core. This is all about who you are as a company and who you serve. Great companies clearly articulate their core and ensure everyone in the organization lives and breaths it.
Strategy is all about crafting a roadmap to the future that leads to your vision. Great companies are able to clearly articulate and track their plans toward building a resilient and respected company.
Vision without execution is hallucination. The Ventrek System ensures Execution elements are clearly understood and implemented at all levels of the organization that really give you traction toward your vision and strategy.

How We Help

Ventrek’s purpose is to help entrepreneurs build resilient and respected companies.
That’s all we do. That’s all we obsess over. That’s all we think about.
To support you on your journey, we offer three main solutions.

Our enlightening Vision Building Services help you discover the eight core elements to building a great organization (including your purpose, your values, your core competencies and more), your long-term goals (sometimes called a BHAG) and Board structure and governance. Each service strengthens the Vision Factor which leads to greater alignment across the organization, great support for the leadership team and absolute clarity as to the why and how of the organization.

Everyone rowing in the same direction, at last.

Our Execution Services helps you build a great organization through leadership and team training. We offer a number of critical execution tools and concepts designed to strengthen the leaders and the teams within your organization. These practical, hands-on tools are designed to be quickly understood and deployed across the entire organization. By using our execution tools and training you will gain greater consistency, greater traction and stronger leaders and teams across the organization.

"Vision without execution is hallucination".

Our powerful Strategic Planning Services help you craft, implement and monitor short and long-term strategies toward building a resilient and respected company. Specifically designed for entrepreneurial organizations, our methodology is designed to give you solid traction each and every week toward achieving your objectives and metrics. Our strategic planning services lead to a solid direction for the organization along with greater accountability.

Everyone is aligned. Everyone is accountable.

Don’t be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated. You can’t cross a chasm in two small jumps.
David Lloyd George
We know strategy. We know facilitation and training. We know entrepreneurs. To date, we have clocked:

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Our Clients Say the Nicest Things

"We began working with Peter Zyla over two years ago and quickly learned that his experience, expertise, and entrepreneurial mindset aligned with our company objectives and Core Values. I would strongly recommend the Ventrek System for any organization looking for an innovative partner who isn’t afraid to challenge the business status quo."

Jeff Nielsen
CEO - More Than Just Feed

"Peter really cares about our company and our team. He’s someone I’d have a beer with. He’s the right amount of pushy to get the job done. When we are in sessions with Peter it really feels like he is working for our business. What I like most is that Peter adds a piece to EOS around strategy that really ties everything together."

Dylan Davies
President - Lethbridge Iron Works

"Our company has been avid EOS followers, and have been self-implementing for over 3 years. We decided to bring Pete and Ventrek in to support our annual strategy planning as I had heard some great things. Best decision we could have made! His process was thought-out, his moderating was effective, and the end result provided our entire team with clear direction and alignment."

Kevin Wilhelm
Co-Founder & President - POD Marketing Inc.

"We implemented the EOS system through our organization a few years ago. We recently worked with Peter and Ventrek to facilitate our annual and 3-year strategic planning. I'm not sure we could have had a better outcome. He brought a thorough and detailed process to the conversation, facilitated collaboration, and challenged the whole team. The result was a clear direction supported by a comprehensive system to put it to work every day."

Jason Wellman
VP Operations & Member Solutions - POD Marketing Inc.

"I wish I would have hired Ventrek years ago. We now have a rock solid road map and 100% alignment on where we are going in the future. I have never been more confident in the future of my company, and it is in large part because of the Ventrek process and Peter's fantastic facilitation."

Matt Diteljan
CEO & Co-Founder - Glacier

"My experience with Peter Zyla has been very enjoyable. Peter has a knack for helping clients hone on the most important aspect of strategy. He is not scared to ask difficult questions and investigate the reasoning behind a position. Such an approach is essential in developing an effective and impactful strategy."

Franz Plangger
Executive Director - Outdoor Council of Canada

"Peter and the Ventrek team have done an exceptional job helping us pave our future road map and the strategy for our company. Using his wealth of knowledge, sound principals, and proprietary software Peter seamlessly pushed our comfort zone, dug into what we needed, and gave us the tools to execute and track our progress. I would highly recommend Ventrek to any business that is struggling with the strategy component, or having troubles smashing the ceiling they have reached."

Brian Salzgeber
El Jefe - Canmore Woodcrafters

"We knew we needed to change in order to take Caltech to the next level as our ceiling was apparent, but we needed a guide and a roadmap. The path became clear once introduced to Peter and Ventrek. Taking control of our destiny with the Ventrek process and Peter’s guidance has us excited about what is to come, regardless of the external challenges we will face."

Jade McLeod
President - Caltech Surveys Ltd.

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Peter Zyla for several years. His approach to strategy is practical and straightforward. Peter recently led a strategic planning session for the board of the CanLearn Society, where I act as the Chair. As a result of his lending us his knowledge and expertise, we now have a plan we can quickly implement. Strategic planning can be an overwhelming endeavor which why I recommend a strong facilitator like Peter to lead your next planning session."

Danny Chiarastella
Board Chair - CanLearn Society
Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
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