Our Proven Model

To build a Great Company you need a proven model.

That’s Ventrek. The Ventrek model was developed after thousands of hours working with entrepreneurial teams and uncovering what separates the good companies from the great companies. We’ve uncovered three key factors to success.

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How We Help

Ventrek’s purpose is to help entrepreneurs and their teams build great companies.
That’s all we do. That’s all we obsess over. That’s all we think about.
To support you on your journey, we offer three main solutions.



Our enlightening Vision Building Services help you discover the eight core elements to building a great organization (including your purpose, your values, your core competencies and more), your long-term goals (sometimes called a BHAG) and Board structure and governance. Each service strengthens the Vision Factor which leads to greater alignment across the organization, great support for the leadership team and absolute clarity as to the why and how of the organization.

Everyone rowing in the same direction, at last.


Training & Tools

Our Execution Services helps you build a great organization through leadership and team training. We offer a number of critical execution tools and concepts designed to strengthen the leaders and the teams within your organization. These practical, hands-on tools are designed to be quickly understood and deployed across the entire organization. By using our execution tools and training you will gain greater consistency, greater traction and stronger leaders and teams across the organization.

“Vision without execution is hallucination”.



Our powerful Strategic Planning Services help you craft, implement and monitor short and long-term strategies toward building a resilient and respected company. Specifically designed for entrepreneurial organizations, our methodology is designed to give you solid traction each and every week toward achieving your objectives and metrics. Our strategic planning services lead to a solid direction for the organization along with greater accountability.

Everyone is aligned. Everyone is accountable.

Looking for a complete solution?

Our Company Strengthening System hits all three major areas of building a great company: Vision, Strategy and Execution. This solution provides leadership team with all the concepts, tools and guidance they need to implement an powerful operating system for their business.

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Company Strengthening System

For those who want it all, we have our complete Company Strengthening System that is a wholistic approach encompassing each of the three factors. We work with your leadership team to drive greater clarity across the organization, better alignment and stronger accountability. It’s all about strengthening your company in the three main areas: Vision, Strategy and Execution.

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Strategic Planning

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How It Works

How We Do it

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Our System

A Proven System

Ventrek offers a proven system for helping entrepreneurs uncover why they exist (vision) where they are going (strategy) and how to get there (execution). This is no "fly-by-night" program. It has been rigorously tested on dozens of entrepreneurial systems

Professional Facilitation

During your journey a Ventrek Guide will offer support and coaching. Every single Ventrek Guide has three skillsets:

  1. Proven corporate training & facilitation experience,
  2. Deep knowledge of business & strategy, and;
  3. Extensive experience working with entrepreneurs or working in entrepreneurial environments.

Robust Tools

Ventrek has developed a suite (30+) of powerful, elegant tools to support entrepreneurs on their journey to building a resilient and respected company. These tools address the key issues in building a great company and are quickly learned and deployed across the entire company.

Don’t be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated. You can’t cross a chasm in two small jumps.

— David Lloyd George

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We know strategy. We know facilitation and training. We know entrepreneurs. To date, we have clocked:

of Strategic Planning experience

of Facilitation & Training

of Working with Entrepreneurs

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

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