The World’s Most Powerful Entrepreneurial Strategy Software

Designed and built for entrepreneurs, the Ventrek Software is a complete solution that enables you to craft and monitor your goals.
Everyone is aligned. Everyone knows what is happening. Everyone is engaged.

What is the Ventrek Software?

Ventrek Software allows you to keep all your plans, priorities and “to do’s” in one spot for the entire company. Simple. Intuitive. Streamlined.
Designed by entrepreneurs. Built for entrepreneurs.

Keep track of your Vision Factors. All in one place. Easy to see. Easy to refer to. Everyone is aligned.

The Ventrek Software allows you to input your BHAG®, 3-Year Plans and 1-Year Plans. You can easily track your strategy and rocks while ensuring everyone is on the same page.

The Ventrek Software ensures you stay on track with your strategy. Conduct a weekly meeting right in the software. Or, conduct your quarterly or annual strategy session. Track and solve issues right in the software. Monitor the health of your company through weekly data analysis. It’s all here.


$150/per month

  • All accounts include the essential Ventrek tools:
    • Dashboard – easily track your to do items, issues, your quarterly rocks and your weekly metrics

    • Weekly Meeting – design and conduct a weekly Highly Effective Meeting right in the software to make sure everyone is on track

    • Quarterly Monitor - simply and easily conduct your quarterly meeting to stay on track every 90 days

    • Annual Crafting – conduct your annual strategy session right in the software

    • Reports – slice and dice your reports anyway you like to stay on top of your strategic initiatives

  • The Ventrek Strategic Roadmap
    • Designed, tested and refined, Ventrek’s Strategic Roadmap keeps you aligned and on track.

    • It includes everything you need to track, your weekly priorities, quarterly and annual plans.


Includes 10 users
11 - 45 Users
46+ Users

+$10/user per month

+$2/user per month


Frequently Asked Questions

At Ventrek, we know you're trusting us with your company's future. That's why we've made sure your data is private and secure.
Where is my data stored?

All data is stored on dedicated Canadian servers at high-security facilities located in the Toronto Area. These servers are high-CPU solid-state droplets that can be scaled with the click of a button. Servers are patched weekly for the latest security vulnerabilities and have built-in redundancies in the case of an outage.

Is there a backup plan in place?

The Ventrek database is backed up hourly and the server is backed up weekly using snapshot point-in-time imaging. Backups and images are kept for 1 month before they are automatically deleted.

How is my data secured?

The Ventrek server and database is secured using an RSA Encrypted Key, which is the only way to access the server. Login data and passwords are hashed when stored. The Ventrek website utilizes HTTPS which securely transmits data from server to client browser.

Who can see my data?

Your data will never be seen by anyone outside your company. All company objectives, rocks, tasks, etc. are linked to your company ID which is also assigned to user accounts to ensure your company's strategic data is protected.

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